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Catching Up With the Killer of Clowns: A Halloween Update - 10.07.20

First off, film fanatics and movie maniacs, let's just get address the apocalyptic elephant in the room, shall we?!? THERE ARE ONLY 24 DAYS LEFT UNTIL HALLOWEEN!!! There, now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the sugar-coated cyber treats that you're all waiting for. We have some announcements, new screenings, nominations and awards, and some extra interview goodies with the mad man with the masterplan himself, Creative Director/Head Inmate Jaysen Buterin, as he sits down with some of his favourite film folks to wax cinematic about all things clown-killing... ENJOY!!!

We are BEYOND excited and delighted to announce that Kill Giggles not only FINALLY had a proper (and socially distant) WORLD PREMIERE at the fifth annual GenreBlast Film Festival, but it also won the awards for BEST SCREENPLAY and BEST ON-SCREEN DUO (Michael Ray Williams and Ellie Church) amidst a record-breaking 13 NOMINATIONS (at least for us anyway) in total! Not only is GenreBlast one of our favourite festivals in the land but to have our world premiere here with the friends and family that braved the Apocalypse was just amazing. Thank you to Nathan and Chad and Jessica and Raygan and Chris and EVERYONE at GB for making this year something special!! And THANK YOU to the cast and crew of Kill Giggles for making this movie maniac’s dream come true!!! If you want to catch the post-premiere Kill Giggles FaceBook Live Q & A video, check it out here!!!! #KillGiggles #GenreBlastV #WeSentInTheClownsToDie

We are also thrilled to announce that not only is Kill Giggles an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 6th Annual WREAK HAVOC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, but we are also lucky enough to be nominated for some absolutely awesome awards for our clown killer thriller! Congratulations, most especially, to Michael Ray Williams for his AMAZING performance as Tommy dos Santos, and to Joh Harp and his bloody brilliant FX crew, for their nominations!! We are honoured to be on the line-up amongst such amazing movie magic and we want to extend our sincere cinematic thanks to everyone at the Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival and to wish ALL the nominees the best of luck!!! See you at the drive-in... #WreakHavocHorrorFilmFestival #KillGiggles #ComingSoon #SendInTheClownsToDie #AtTheDriveIn

One of the amazing things that happened these last few Apocalyptic weeks was this brand new interview writer/director Jaysen Buterin did with the always amazing Bill Mulligan (who plays our very own Uncle Kookie in Kill Giggles) and the brilliantly badass Crystal Cleveland for Gruesome Magazine!!! Not only do they have a rock-em sock-em good time chatting but you can also watch his train of thought derail constantly as they wax cinematic about clown-killing and all things movie mania!!! #KillGiggles #GruesomeMagazine #DecadesOfHorror #SendInTheClownsToDie

Kill Giggles Writer/director Jaysen Buterin also recently sat down with award-winning writer/director/podcaster Josh Stifter (Greywood's Plot, The Good Exorcist) for his brand new podcast "Low-Budget Rebels" on the Indie Film Hustle Network to discuss Kill Giggles, Rod Serling, Robert Rodriguez and the wonderful things you can often find in a filmmaker's residence. Give it a like, give it a listen, and enjoy the movie madness!! #LowBudgetRebels #AnIndieFilmmakingConversation

And finally, the 2020 hits just keep on coming... in the epic battle of film gods versus weather gods, it's often the titan latter who emerge victorious. And so, like the kick in the crotch by kittens in combat boots that it is, it pains us to share the news that The Kill Giggles NC Drive-In Premiere Extravaganza was postponed not once but twice due to weather woes. We have been told that ALL previously purchased tickets will be honoured for the new dates, whenever those may be, and refunds will be given for those who can't reschedule. We do humbly apologise but we promise it will be worth the wait!!!

The Joys of Trying to Release a Film During the Apocalypse - 7.17.20

In case you've been REALLY busy and hadn't noticed... there's an Apocalypse going on at the moment. Actually, for a few months of moments now and amongst all the other aspects of daily life its been wreaking havoc on, trying to release a film has definitely been number one with a bullet for us. The originally-scheduled WORLD PREMIERE for Kill Giggles was supposed to take place at the Crimson Screen Film Festival at the end of May, but due to the dangers involved of gathering even a small crowd, the event was cancelled. Now this wasn't all bad, as they still awarded all the films nominated, and our little clown-killer thriller was lucky enough to win the BEST FEATURE FILM award!!!

While we missed seeing our Crimson Screen film family, it was an absolute honour to be able to bring home (or have shipped to us rather), the first award for the cast and crew of Kill Giggles. Rather than rest on our laurels... we decided to get some more. And so once more, and with great feeling, we are excited and delighted to announce that Kill Giggles is an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2020 GenreBlast Film Festival!! GenreBlast has been one of our favourite film festivals ever since it started five years ago and this means that the WORLD PREMIERE of our clown-killing epic is NOW set for 8:30PM on Saturday September 5th in Winchester, VA! GenreBlast has long been one of our favourite film festivals and we've been fortunate to screen there every year since its inception and so it gives us great pride to return there for the official unveiling of Kill Giggles!!!

It's NOMINATIONS WEEK for Crimson Screen and Kill Giggles!!! - 5.08.20

The weeks and days leading up to a film festival are always filled with anticipation and Crimson Screen has always made that time an even more exciting experience by announcing some of their nominations before the festival itself happens. And so it gives us the greatest pleasure to announce that Kill Giggles has already been lucky enough to receive not one, not two and not three, but FOUR NOMINATIONS (and the list is still being unveiled)!!! Michael Ray Williams is up for BEST ACTOR (FEATURE), Ellie Church is nominated for BEST ACTRESS (FEATURE), Joh Harp and his amazing crew are in the running for BEST SFX (FEATURE) and Jesse Knight's kickass camera crew (and lighting department) are nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (FEATURE)! The WORLD PREMIERE of our clown-killing epic is still set for 8:30PM, Saturday May 23rd at the 2020 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, in beautiful downtown Charleston, SC! Crimson Screen has long been one of our most favourite genre festivals and we've been fortunate to screen there several times so naturally it's gives us great pride to return there for the official unveiling of Kill Giggles!!!



The World Premiere of Kill Giggles IS HERE!!! - 5.01.20

On behalf of the cast and crew of Kill Giggles, I am beyond excited and delighted to announce that the WORLD PREMIERE of our clown-killing epic is set for 8:30PM, Saturday May 23rd at the 2020 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, in beautiful downtown Charleston, SC! Crimson Screen has long been one of our most favourite genre festivals and we've been fortunate to screen there several times (Don't Let the Light In - 2016; The Corner - 2017; Killing Giggles - 2018) as well as bring home not one not two but THREE Crimmies, which is just one of THE COOLEST awards ever designed!! So naturally it's gives us great pride to return there for the official unveiling of Kill Giggles!!!

Now, for the $64,000 question... WILL that screening take place, what with the apocalypse going on all around us?!? The answer, as of May 1st, is YES!! But that's subject to change, just like anything else these crazy days, so if it does then please rest assured that we will let you know as soon as clown-killing possible! While it would mean the world to us to have as many of you movie maniacs and film fanatics there to witness the premiere, we'd rather have you all safe and sound too, so all we can ask is that you check back here and the social media stuffs as often as you can to find out if those devilish details change.

Another important announcement is something that makes us sad to share: the North Carolina Premiere of Kill Giggles, originally set for ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC the last weekend of May, has been cancelled as the physical event is no longer taking place due to all the corona-craziness! Sadly, this means that the WORLD PREMIERE of "Inside the Circus Tent: The Making of Kill Giggles" is also cancelled as well. There is talk of moving some of the convention content to the virtual realm, and involving some of the Kill Giggles cast/crew in that capacity, but we don't have a whole lot of information yet. We are, however, working on another NC PREMIERE of the film, and will keep everyone informed as soon as the film gods beat the pandemic gods and we can go outside once again, to file into a dark room together.

If there has to be a slightly-tarnished side to this apocalypse craziness, it's that we finally put some long overdue work into revamping the Mad Ones YouTube Channel!! Please check it out here - www.youtube.com/user/madonesfilms - to find all the latest Kill Giggles promos, trailers, teasers, interviews and whatever else we can add until, and long after, the movie comes out. We've also made it easier to check out some blasts from the pase of the Mad Ones Video Vault, now containing all sorts of goodies from our back catalogue of short films.

Creative Director Jaysen Buterin was a recent guest on The Creative Businessmen podcast. Hosted by Daniel Storie and Neil Hoover, as well as our very own Jesse H. Knight, Jaysen sat down to wax cinematic about all things Kill Giggles and the genuine joys of making movie magic right here in the backyard of the Devil's Triad (we know it's technically the Piedmont Triad, we just think our version sounds cooler.) Lots of laughs were had by all and some brilliant things said as well, so take a peek at the embed below and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel as well!

Coronavirus VERSUS Kill Giggles!!! - 3.20.20

On behalf of Mad Ones Films, and the cast and crew of Kill Giggles, we would like to thank you for your decision to "rent" the Kill Giggles Sneak Peeks!!!

Since we filmed Kill Giggles RIGHT HERE in the Piedmont Triad, naturally we want to give something back to our community. So we are going to put up the first 10 MINUTES of "Kill Giggles" and the first 20 MINUTES of the feature-length BTS documentary, "Inside the Circus Tent: The Making of Kill Giggles" available for "rent" by making a very small donation (ONLY $5) to a very important cause.

No matter what you believe in, we can all agree that the world is a very scary place right now. With the public schools closing due to safety and social distancing protocols to prevent further spreading of the coronavirus, there are a lot of kids in the Guilford County area who have lost their primary access to meals.

We here at Mad Ones Films believe that movies can be magic, even... especially in times like these. And so we'd like to give a little back to our community if we can. EVERY cyber cent of every digital dollar raised will go directly to BackPack Beginnings, a volunteer organisation dedicated to delivering child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need. They help almost 9,000 children experiencing hunger and trauma in the community. They serve children in need in 63 Guilford County Schools and 40 Child Assistance Organizations in Guilford, Forsyth and Alamance Counties.

By clicking on the DONATE button below, you will be taken to the PayPal donation page. After completing your transaction, you will be redirected to a page that contains the PASSWORDS for both the Kill Giggles and the Inside the Circus Tent sneak peeks! If you do not arrive at this page after your donation, please contact us immediately! This opportunity (and the links) will only last for the next 48 HOURS and end at 7PM on Sunday, March 22, 2020*. (Note* the sneak peek will NOT be the final version seen in the release! It is still a work in progress!!)

Donation URL: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SERBEDPWZ8CMG&source=url

About BackPack Beginnings

BackPack BeginningsBackPack Beginnings is working closely with Guilford County Schools and other partner agencies to make sure plans are in place to feed children while schools are closed. However, they can’t do it without community and volunteer support. Please visit their website at https://backpackbeginnings.org to find the best ways to help aid these children.

What it all boils down to is that we were lucky enough to make some real movie magic with Kill Giggles and we're VERY proud of that. So if there's any chance that we can make the world a better place for some well-deserving kids just by sharing a sneak peek of that cinematic achievement with the world, then maybe that will show that movies really are magic!!! Thank you...
- Jaysen P. Buterin, writer/director of Kill Giggles

Donate with PayPal button

2020... the year we send in the clowns to die with KILL GIGGLES and more!!! - 3.09.20

From ALL of the inmates running the cinematic asylum at Mad Ones Films, we are excited and delighted to announce that after much patience and even more work, we officially have a PICTURE LOCK of KILL GIGGLES!!! As if that wasn't awesome enough news, the colour-grading that Jesse Knight is working on, the score that Ron Wasserman is composing, and the foley sound engineering going on with Thoren Claytor, is going to make an already strong piece of movie magic all the more amazing!! We are going to have SUCH clown-killing sights to show you soon... and speaking of soon...

In addition to having a picture lock of the feature film, we also have the final finished product for "INSIDE THE CIRCUS TENT: THE MAKING OF KILL GIGGLES!" We are extremely excited and delighted at this amazing and heartstring-pulling picture of the behind-the-scenes brilliance that went on during the course of a 19-day film shoot! Fantastically filmed and chopped by Katherine Holmes and Aidan Ford, this cinematic companion piece to Kill Giggles will have its WORLD PREMIERE at this year's ConCarolinas! But if you can't wait until then, and we don't blame you, then please sneak a peek at the OFFICIAL TRAILER below!!! Also stay tuned to the Mad Ones social media later this week for a very special FRIDAY THE 13TH reveal of the official poster of "INSIDE THE CIRCUS TENT: THE MAKING OF KILL GIGGLES!" designed by Mike Kelleher of Henchmen House.

As if the reveal of the BTS doc trailer wasn't exciting enough, we are also absolutely amazed that 2020 has already started off so strong for Team Giggles! We were lucky enough to screen a WORLD PREMIERE SNEAK PEEK of the first TEN MINUTES of Kill Giggles and the first 20 MINUTES of "Inside the Circus Tent" at the 2020 MystiCon Independent Film Festival. MystiCon has long been one of our favourite multi-fandom cons and their indie film festival is a force to be reckoned with, so when we found out that we won the BEST IN SHOW AWARD for our sneak peek, well, it rather surprised us six ways from Sunday!! Our clown-killing fingers are crossed that if the first 10-minutes are found award-worthy, then the last 80 will just blow the doors of the clown car minds of the audience.

And last but by no bloody means least, we have been lucky enough to have some amazing media opportunities come up these last few weeks (and here you thought we were just resting on our laurels...). Creative Director, Jaysen Buterin, sat down with Janel Spiegel from HorrorNews.Net for an awesome in-depth interview that you can check out HERE!!! Then, there are the movie maniacs and film fanatics over at MyIndie Productions who shine a much-needed light on so many indie filmamers, that decided to turn that spotlight on Kill Giggles for a sneak peek at some brand new BTS STILLS!! And if THAT wasn't enough to get you giddy, then download and dig on the latest podcast from The Big Scary Show, who recently hosted a "Roundtable of Terror," featuring Jaysen Buterin, Vanessa Ionta Wright and Patrick Rea!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Mad Ones Films - now then, let's send in the clowns to die!! - 1.06.20

From ALL of the inmates running the cinematic asylum at Mad Ones Films, we want to wish you and yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are tickled hot pink that you're still with us because if you didn't know by now, 2020 is the YEAR OF THE CLOWN!! Or, rather, it's the year that we finally send in the clowns to die with the release of KILL GIGGLES!!!

Also, we must apologise for the sparse updates for the latter part of last year, but we can assure you that it was NOT from a lack of activity! Our wonderful cinematographer/editor/EP, Jesse Knight, has been working diligently these last few months to get ALL of that footage honed and sharpened down to a powerful picture-lock masterpiece and we are just about there!! But don't just take our (written) word for it, listen to our Creative Director, Jaysen Buterin, catch up all the investors, fans and friends about just where the movie's at now in the creative process.

We are quite excited and delighted that Kill Giggles is SO close to a picture lock, and rest assured that there will be some AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENTS coming very soon about where you will have the very first chance to see this movie magic! And while you're at it, stay tuned for all sorts of devilish details about where the WORLD PREMIERE of the film will be, as well as other premiere screenings far and wide!! In the meantime, we also wanted to share the OFFICIAL AFM (American Film Market) Trailer created for our distributors at Avail Entertainment because. honestly, who couldn't use MORE clown death on the first Monday of the new year?!?

Kill Giggles (AFM 2019 Horror Film Trailer) from Avail Entertainment LLC on Vimeo.

Just before the holiday hullaballoo kicked into overdrive, we were able to get together for some valuable pick-up shots that completed prinicpal photography on Kill Giggles. One such instance, full of shenanigans and silliness, was captured in this charming bit of video voodoo from us to you...

The Kill Giggles OFFICIAL Theatrical Trailer is Here!! - 11.06.19

On behalf of Mad Ones Films, and the cast/crew of Kill Giggles, we are excited and delighted to be a part of an amazing cinematic summit going on in Greensboro TONIGHT! Just in time for the Halloween holiday, film fanatics in the Triad will get a chance to see some amazing spells of movie magic made right here in our own Piedmont back yard!! Don’t miss some brilliant trailers (including a little clown-killer thriller coming soon), a bit of video voodoo and astounding short films as well as the WORLD PREMIERE of "someday"! Check out Someday Premiere + Best of Triad Short Films (GSO 48 & TFC)!!

We're also excited and delighted to report that post-production work on Kill Giggles continues to kick ass with our newly complete rough cut! Now the hard part really begins as we start lining up the darlings to kill. The ALWAYS amazing Jesse H. Knight has also been working away on the official THEATRICAL TRAILER which will debut online on Halloween! However, we do have a little treat for you early with this trailer teaser for mass Mad Ones consumption below...

Kill Giggles post-production updates, trailers AND MORE!! - 10.02.19

On behalf of all the inmates running the cinematic asylum here at Mad Ones Films, we would like to wish you and yours a HAPPY HALLOWEEN MONTH! While we try to live our lives like EVERY day is Halloween, the closer we get to the 31st, the more excited and delighted we get@! To celebrate, we have some brand new treats for you, and while they may tease, killing clowns is NO trick true believers!!!

We're also happy to report that post-production work on Kill Giggles is progressing nicely and the rough cut will be here before we know it! In the meantime, the ALWAYS amazing Jesse H. Knight has been diligently hard at work cutting together not just ONE but TWO teaser trailers while also editing the rough cut. Both teaser trailers had fantastic world premieres at the GenreBlast and Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festivals respectively, and are now available for mass Mad Ones consumption below...

And if those weren't enough to satiate the clown-killer in you (and believe us, we can understand), then we can promise you that the OFFICIAL THEATRICAL TRAILER is nearly complete! The thrilling chilling picture lock is waiting just around the corner and after that it's off to be scored by the brilliant Ron Wasserman!! Stay tuned as we'll be looking to do some sort of extra special premiere event for it, so as soon as any of those devilish details start to surface, we shall certainly share them there!!!

We will also soon have some news to share regarding, "INSIDE THE CIRCUS TENT: THE MAKING OF KILL GIGGLES," a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary that was shot during the production of Kill Giggles! It's got interviews, on-set shenanigans, and spoilers both gore and galore!!!

While we were running movie-making amok at this year's GenreBlast Film Festival we were also lucky enough to cross paths with Jason Delgado, a terrifically talented actor, writer, producer AND artist (with a penchant for KILLER movie poster homages, who was awesome enough to make us this "American Werewolf in London"-inspired image from one of our most favourite scenes in ALL of Kill Giggles. Thank you Jason, so much, this is beyond badass!!

We've also making more appearances on the podcasting circuit lately, having had awesome guest spots on both the Sacrificial Terror Podcast AND The Movie Raid podcast!! Check out the videos below and stay tuned for where our fearless leader/creative director will be showing up next!!!


Kill Giggles has WRAPPED Principal Filming! Catch up on all the clown-killing news AND MORE!! - 07.23.19

Greetings and salutations dear movie maniacs and film fanatics, we have missed you VERY MUCH!! We must apologise for being "incommunicado" these last five months, but we CAN promise you that we had the best reason why... because the cameras AND the clown heads are done rolling on Kill Giggles!!! The inmates running the asylum at Mad Ones Films have been running all kinds of amok the last four months doing location scouting, casting, meeting with FX and camera crew, character concepts, and paperwork... lots and lots of paperwork. We then spent 19 DAYS shooting our very first feature film at over 36 locations in and around North Carolina, and holy hells, do we have SUCH sights to show you! But don't take our word for it, check out the stills below!

We were also lucky enough to have several local newspapers cover various parts of the filming process! The Asheboro Courier-Tribune, The Greensboro News & Record, and The Winston-Salem Journal ALL devoted a lot of page space to the movie-making magic we made RIGHT HERE in our own backyard! We are extremely grateful for the time of all those involved in the articles, as well as the entire cast and crew for giving them so much to work with!!!

And on top of all that, we have some amazing film festival new to share with you as well. We are excited and delighted to announce that the stay-at-home horror/thriller, THE CORNER, is an offical selection at the inaugural Reel Horror Film Fest in Bloomingdale, IL this October!! Coming up before that will be the second festival appearance of WAR OF THE LIVING DEAD, which is not only an official selection of the GenreBlast Screenwriting Competition, but is also a FINALIST as well!!

Less than FOUR MONTHS until we send in the clowns to die! KILL GIGGLES is coming soon - 02.27.19

That's right, movie maniacs and film fanatics, there are less than FOUR MONTHS until the cameras AND the clown heads start rolling on Kill Giggles!!! We know we've been MIA for a spell, but we assure that we have the best reason for it... PRE-PRODUCTION!!! The inmates running the asylum at Mad Ones Films have been running six kinds of amok doing location scouting, casting, meeting with FX and camera crew, character concepts, and paperwork... lots and lots of paperwork. We are also running the clown-killing hype machine 24 hours a day by appearing at one of our favourite film festivals, the MystiCon Independent Film Festival, to spread the "Coming Soon" word!!!

We've been recording some behind-the-scenes brilliance with various cast and crew members of KILL GIGGLES whenever we have the chance, and today we've got a BRAND NEW interview to share with our Make-Up FX Director, the brilliant and the badass Mr. Joh Harp of Joh Harp FX, who comes up with some of THE BEST answers that we’ve gotten to our questions so far! As eloquent as he is elegant, sit down for a spell and spend some time with the WORLD PREMIERE of Joh's episode. We'll be back at the end of the week with a whole slew of casting announcements, including a former road warrior and misfit!!!

Lights, Camera... Come Get In On the Action! - 01.18.19

We are excited and delighted and sincerely grateful to Billy Ingram and YES! Weekly for shining one hell of a light on the clown-killing movie magic soon going on right here in the Piedmont Triad!!! Sneak a peek at this brilliant article THEN invest in Kill Giggles today and become a part of horror movie history forever! Lights, camera... GET IN ON THE ACTION at www.startengine.com/kill-giggles and let's send in the clowns to die!!! #KillGiggles #SendInTheClownsToDie #SupportIndieHorror #MadOnesFilms #YesWeekly #NCFilmIsAliveAndWell

With just over three weeks left in the campaign we are excited and delighted to welcome aboard several new investors, hopefully a whole bunch of new followers and friends, and even some new cast and crew members to the Kill Giggles Experience!!! We apologise for the delinquency in delivering updates but we've extremely busy since PRE-PRODUCTION OFFICIALLY STARTED THIS WEEK!!

We are very excited to be working with Beth Compton, an excellent location scout/manager we've worked with before, as well as Rebecca Clark (director of the Piedmont Triad Film Commission) to find all of the absolutely amazing locations that we need for this film that are scattered all over this gorgeous state of North Carolina! The first block of filming will begin in mid-June so stay tuned for more pre-production updates as well as some final cast and crew announcements!!!

Kill Giggles is going to be an amazing film AND filmmaking experience. It's a story that has NEVER been told before, and that is a rare—if not downright impossible—feat in this day and age in ANY genre, let alone the exciting delighting cinematic cocktail that is thriller and horror!!! We've shown you lists of films and television shows that have done the same exact thing time and time and time again... over and over and over, with the serial killers/monsters/maniacs always dressing up like clowns to spread their murderous mayhem.

And then there's us over here at Mad Ones Films, and we want to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and we want YOU to join us!! If you've ever wanted to be a part of movie magic but just didn't know how, NOW is the time!!!

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