The Zombie Service Announcement Series (ZSAs)

The Zombie Service Announcement Series (ZSAs) (2008-09)



The events that preceded "The Day of Rising," had been catalogued by pundits, preachers, and the hosts of poorly-funded cable access shows across the country. Those who foresaw these troubled times as "harbingers of the impending apocalypse" received many rolled eyes and unpleasant responses with their claims. While those "in the know" made preparations for Z-Day and stocked their survival kits, the masses were largely unprepared for the legions of undead that soon sauntered into their living rooms. This grid locked the country with panic, hysteria, and second-guesses, leading to the rise of a new breed of assassin vigilante, of which our Hero is a card-carrying member.




ZSA #13: You Don't Have to be Cold to be Cool


ZSA #76: How to Survive a Human Attack!!!


ZSA #42: What to Do if You're Trapped in a Zombie Movie




  Will Shuford
  Ben Jones
  Micah Moore
  The Hero
  Jennie Prince
  The Damsel
  Chao Vang
  Zombie #1
  Nhia Vang
  Zombie #2
  Vikki Setliff
  Zombie #3
  Seth Greer
  Zombie #4
  J. Evan Wade
  Zombie Boy

  Shannon O'Shea
  Zombie Girl
  Will Huneycutt
  Human #1
  Jennie Prince
  Human #2
  Phoenix Mangus
  Human #3
  Mark Prince
  Human #4
  Written & Directed by
  Jaysen Buterin
  Produced by
  Mad Ones Films
  Director of Photography
  Mikey Cordes
  Ken Randall
  Jaysen Buterin, Will Huneycutt & Ken Randall
  Make-up FX
  Seth Greer, Nhia Vang