Z-Day: A Fantastic Zombie Love Story

Z-Day: A Fantastic Zombie Love Story

  • 2006 -
  • Horror -
  • 7m 25s
  • Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project entry

Meet Dean. Dean draws comic books but it's the words written in the margins of a book of used love poetry that have him smitten... much to the chagrin of his best friend/sidekick Ben Jones, a TV personality whose obsessive delusions of grandeur revolve entirely around the inevitable zombie revolution... Z-Day.

Dean sets out to find the girl of his dreams, her handwriting his only guide. Ben sets out to find the biggest, sharpest, head-severing sword he can find. Can true love prevail? Can Dean and Ben survive?? Can a zombie bird fly?!? Find out with "Z-Day: A Fantastic Zombie Love Story!".

  • RELEASE DATE : 07.21.06
  • CAST : Andy Kahn, Will Shuford & Jessie Derusha
  • AWARDS : Best Writing (Honourable Mention), Greensboro 48 Hour Film Festival
  • TAGLINE : Sometimes the devil that made us do... is us.
  • IMDb :
Z-DAY, the short film

Mad Notes: Z-Day will always hold a very near and dear place in our hearts, for not only was it the very first film project we ever made together (and in less than 48 hours no less), but it also gave the world it's very first glimpse of the existential anti-hero of Mad Ones Films, Mr. Ben Jones.