Don't Let the Light In

Don't Let the Light In

  • 2015 -
  • Horror -
  • 9m 05s

For Sarah, it was just a job that started off like any other babysitting gig. But Sarah wasn’t the normal babysitter, and Jack wasn’t quite the normal boy that he appeared to be. He has a secret, a secret that he keeps trying to share, if he could only find someone to listen to him about the monsters in his room. As the night goes on and things start to turn from cute and harmless to creepy and haunting, Sarah can’t help but wonder… what if he’s telling the truth? What if there really are monsters in his room?

Because sometimes there really are things out there that go bump in the night in here. Sometimes there really is something very scary under your bed. And sometimes, just sometimes, there really are monsters hiding in your room. But even monsters are afraid of something. So remember, DON’T let the light in, because if you do… then the darkness can get out.

  • RELEASE DATE : 02.19.16
  • CAST : Rebecca Larken, Will Garrett Davis
  • AWARDS : BEST THRILLER, 2016 MystiCon Independent Film Festival; BEST HORROR, 2016 Mad Monster Party Film Festival; BEST DIRECTOR, 2016 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival; BEST SUSPENSE, 2016 Con Carolinas Short Film Festival; BEST OLD SCHOOL HORROR AWARD; CREEPY FILM AWARD, 2016 Fantasmagorical Film Festival; BEST HORROR, 2016 Native American Film and Video Festival of the Southeast; SPIRIT OF FRIGHT NIGHT AWARD, 2016 Fright Nights Film Festival; RISING STAR AWARD (for Will Garrett Davis), 2017 Bare Bones International Film Festival; FINALIST, 2017 iHorror Awards; BEST ACTRESS; BEST POSTER; BEST SHORT FILM, 2017 Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival
  • TAGLINE : Even monsters are afraid of something.
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