The Blue-Eyed Boy & Mister Death


The Blue-Eyed Boy & Mister Death

  • 2024 -
  • Drama/Surreal -
  • 19m 02s

Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing a parent can be even harder. Will Cummings had a hole in his heart shaped like his Dad that he tried to fill after the Cancer took him—yet nothing seemed to work. But what if every great once in a cosmic while, on the rarest of occasions, Death felt bad for being a dick, and gave you one last chance to say those words you thought no one would ever get to hear? What if you got to hear a familiar voice just one more time?

From the mad movie-making mind of award-winning writer/director Jaysen Buterin comes “The Blue-Eyed Boy & Mr. Death,” a surreal story spun as part Twilight Zone tall tale and part existential “what if” fable that sets off to find out what happens when someone answers a phone that shouldn’t ring anymore.

  • RELEASE DATE : 02.16.24
  • CAST : Adam Hampton, Vernon G. Wells, Tracey de Leon, Patrick G. Keenan & Kindal Blattner-Buterin
  • AWARDS :
  • TAGLINE : What if Death felt bad for being a dick?
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