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Killing Giggles
09.21 @ Austin Revolution Film Festival
09.22 @ Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest
09.22 @ Halloween Horror Picture Show
10.12 @ Halloweenapalooza
10.13 @ Horror in the Hills Film Festival

The Corner
10.06 @ Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival
10.11 @ Idaho Horror Film Festival
10.20 @ Northern Frights

Don't Let the Light In
09.21 @ Rendezvous Film Festival


Let the Film Festival Frenzy BEGIN!!! - 09.17.18


And so begins one of the busiest weeks for the inmates running the cinematic asylum!! Not only did we have to survive a hurricane last weekend but we have BEAUTIFUL BRILLIANT THINGS going on at FIVE different film festivals in THREE different states in our effort to spread the clown-killing word of our movie magic!!!

First off, we at Mad Ones Films are so VERY excited and delighted that the Kill Giggles screenplay will be in the FINALIST COMPETITION at not just one absolutely amazing film festival, but TWO cinematic summits going on THIS WEEKEND!!! That's right true believers, our epic clown-killing opus will be a part of the NOLA Horror Film Fest down in New Orleans and the Austin Revolution Film Festival going on over in Texas!

We are extremely honoured to have just been selected for these world-renowned film festivals! To make it this far, surrounded by such terrifically talented competition and film friends alike, is something that we will never forget. So for those who love clowns, HATE clowns, or just want to find out what all the fuss is about, then we encourage you to check out these absolutely bloody brilliant film festivals!!! #ARFF2018 #NOLAHorrorFilmFest #KillGiggles #SendInTheClownsToDie

While the Kill Giggles screenplay is certainly kicking clown-ass and taking names, the proof-of-concept short film version, KILLING GIGGLES, is also running amok on the festival circuit, appearing not once not twice but THRICE this weekend!! That's right true believers, catch the trial run of clown-killing terror at the Austin Revolution Film Festival (Austin, TX), the Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest (Greensboro, NC) and the Halloween Horror Picture Show (Tampa, FL)!! For those who don't like their monsters quite as scary as clowns, then the scary babysitting short Don't Let the Light In will screen for your screams as part of the Late Night Block at the Rendezvous Film Festival down in Amelia Island, FL!!!

And finally, last but certainly by no means least, Kill Giggles has launched its Crowdfunding campaign! If you have EVER wanted to become a part of horror movie magic, then THIS is your chance!! No donations are needed. Instead, invest in the film, become an owner, and share in the revelry forever! This is a unique way of fundraising for what will certainly be a unique film. See what is so very different about this method: www.startengine.com/kill-giggles

Something Wicked AND Awesome This Way Comes... - 09.11.18

First off, there are only 49 DAYS LEFT TILL HALLOWEEN!!! There, now that we have THAT out of the way, we have an extra special treat for you true believers... IT'S PSA TIME!!! Having made its world premiere at the third annual GenreBlast Film Festival to rave reviews and thunderous applause, comes a public service announcement about how to behave at the movies, because apparently some folks still need a reminder.

Now if there's one thing that we can't stand more than clowns, it's "movie jerks." You know the ones we mean... So when we go out to an amazing film festival like GenreBlast, those jerks are the last clowns that we want around us! By watching the following public service announcement from Mad Ones Films, you too can follow these simple steps to make sure that you don't CLOWN AROUND AT THE FILM FESTIVAL!!!
#KillGiggles #KillingGiggles #DownWithClownProtestors #SendInTheClownsToDie

Remember kids, DON'T CLOWN AROUND AT THE FILM FESTIVAL!!! - 08.03.18

We've been recording some behind-the-scenes brilliance with various cast and crew members of KILL GIGGLES whenever we have the chance, and today we've got a BRAND NEW interview to share with resident Mad Ones score composer, and all around kickass friend, Ron Wasserman! Recorded at Casa de Wasserman out in California just a couple of weeks ago, this crazy little chat with the music-making man that wrote the Power Rangers theme song should give new fans and longtime listeners alike, a little insight into the mind that makes the music magic. So come on inside the circus tent ... don't worry, it's a clown-free safe zone!!!

And we are absolutely thrilled to announce that the screenplay for KILL GIGGLES is an OFFICIAL FINALIST in the Screenplay Competition at the 2018 GenreBlast Film Festival AND the Austin Revolution Film Festival! So not only will we be showing KILLING GIGGLES on Saturday night, and have the feature-length script in the competition there, but that weekend will also be the WORLD PREMIERE of the brand new movie etiquette PSA, "Don't Clown Around at the Film Festival!" created by the inmates running the cinematic asylum over at Mad Ones Films just for the awesome movie maniacs and film fanatics attending GenreBlast III!!! KILLING GIGGLES is also nominated for TWO AWARDS at this year's Austin Revolution Film Festival, and will be screening THIS WEEKEND at the Scares That Care Festival too!!! So much clown death... so little time!

And last, but certainly not clown-killing least, Mad Ones Films was asked to create a PSA about Movie Etiquette for the GenreBlast Film Festival and so naturally... WE KILL CLOWNS IN IT!!! So COMING SOON kids will be... DON'T CLOWN AROUND AT THE FILM FESTIVAL!!! The world premiere will be at the GenreBlast Film Festival at the end of August, and then we'll have it on the Mad Ones site ASAMFP after that. In the meantime, please enjoy a peek at our Creative Director's WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

And Let the Clown Protests Again... - 06.08.18

There we were, mere minutes away from the ConCarolinas premiere, of KILLING GIGGLES when these ruckus-raising MONSTERS showed up to protest, and try to ruin, our screening. We would just like to go on record and say that NO clowns were actually harmed during the making of KILLING GIGGLES, and while one may have technically "disappeared," no one has seen him in months, so if a clown dies in a flat and no one is there to hear it, did it really happen?!? We think not, true believers. So stay alert, stay vigilant, and do NOT let these floppy-footed naysayers dissuade you from liking and following KILL GIGGLES because remember, all the world really does love a clown... no one ever said that it had to be alive. #KillGiggles #KillingGiggles #DownWithClownProtestors #SendInTheClownsToDie

Well... maybe a little rest for the wicked... - 06.06.18

Fresh on the hellraising horror heels of THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKENDS of sinister cinematic screenings (Days of the Dead: Charlotte, Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival & the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival the Mad Ones and I will be taking the very briefest of breaks so that we can focus on our fundraising efforts for the KILL GIGGLES feature!! So keep one eye on the clowns but keep the other one glued RIGHT HERE for some special announcements and information on how YOU can help US send in the clowns to die!!!

In the meantime we are excited to announce that Jaysen Buterin has won the BEST UN-PRODUCED SCREENPLAY AWARD for "Kill Giggles" at 2018 CRIMSON SCREEN HORROR FILM FEST and Michael Ray Williams has won the BEST ACTOR AWARD for his portrayal of Tommy dos Santos in the "Killing Giggles" proof-of-concept short! And as if all that wasn't enough awesome to shake a clown-killing stick at, we've just been asked to appear on The Wild Wild Wes Show again NEXT WEEK!! Stay tuned for more mayhem and movie magic from the Mad Ones!!!


Something Wicked This Way Comes!!! - 05.23.18

Fresh on the hellraising horror heels of a bloody brilliant screening last weekend at Days of the Dead: Charlotte, the inmates running the cinematic asylum and I are excited AND delighted to load up the clown-killing car and get on down the road to the 2018 CRIMSON SCREEN HORROR FILM FEST this weekend!!! This will make our third year attending one of THE BEST genre fests in ALL the land, and the fact that it's in Charleston, SC certainly makes it even better! With three nominations this year for the Mad Ones (BEST ACTOR: SHORT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR: SHORT FILM, SCREENPLAY FINALIST) amongst some extremely kickass and killer competition, this year promises to be the best one yet!

However, have no fear, for we promise not to kill ALL the clowns... we do have to save some for ConCarolinas next week, after all...

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Crimson Screen!!! - 05.11.18

Don't forget about the Days of the Dead Film Festival lurking just around the corner down in Charlotte next weekend which promises ONE HELL of an amazing weekend of films, film stars and festivities. There may even be a clown sighting down there or two... but we had NOTHING to do with that!

And now, with no further alliteration-abusing adieu, we at Mad Ones Films are EXCITED and DELIGHTED to announce that not only is "KILL GIGGLES" a finalist in the Screenplay Competition at this year's Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, but that we have been lucky enough to receive TWO nominations for "KILLING GIGGLES" as well!!! We are absolutely honoured to have our leading lad, Michael Ray Williams, nominated for BEST ACTOR (SHORT FILM) and for Jaysen Buterin who is nominated for BEST DIRECTOR (SHORT FILM)!!! Both lists are filled with tremendously talented folks, many of whom are already our fantastic film friends, so while it will be a killer competition, it's also going to be one of the funnest film festivals EVER!!! So keep those clown-killing fingers crossed for us kids... and remember, all the world might love a clown, but no one ever said it had to be alive!


We Have SUCH Sights to Show You... Inside the Circus Tent - 04.30.18

With the Horror Film Festival/Convention Circuit kicking into full slash and swing this summer, we are excited and delighted to reveal the 2018 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival poster for our particular block!! This year will mark the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the Mad Ones running amok at ConCarolinas, so we're looking forward to seeing all our movie maniacs and film fanatics down in Charlotte soon! On behalf of the cast and crew of "Killing Giggles," we are grateful to Bill, Jason and everyone at ConCarolinas for letting us return to play once again, and it is quite the honour to be in such amazing cinematic company! So remember ConCarolinas kids, while all the world loves a clown... no one ever said it had to be alive!

We also recently sat down with star of stage and screen, and soon-to-be KILL GIGGLES, Michael Ray Williams, to hear his thoughts on the foul, floppy-footed fiends known colloquially as clowns, and to sneak a peek into the mind of the man who will become Tommy dos Santos. So come on inside the circus tent and let's get to know our killer, shall we?!?



The Mad Ones as Motivational Speakers and Space Jams!!! - 04.19.18

In an event so surreal that we honestly could not have written it any weirder if we tried (and believe us, we have), our lead inmate/Creative Director (Jaysen Buterin) will be attending the Technology Fair at General Greene Elementary School THIS FRIDAY, to talk about filmmaking and how technology plays such a pivotal part in that. Oh sure, our fearless leader can face off against all manner of monster and mayhem, but how will he fare talking to grades Kindergarten-5th?!? Stay tuned to find out, true believers!

On behalf of the cast and crew, we at Mad Ones Films are excited and delighted to announce that The Corner will be screening as a part of the Indie Film Festival at the very first SPACE JAM MULTIMEDIA FEST in Parkersburg, West Virginia!!! A two-day multimedia fesitval in the heart of downtown Parkersburg, we're absolutely thrilled that our tale of terror will be joining SO MANY fantastic films from all around this globe of ours. Sneak a peek at the poster to the left to see the list of movie magic that will be streamed straight into your skull on Friday, June 29th!!! Saturday will be full of the regions best music and BOTH days will have art exhibits happening throughout. Don't miss out on fun-filled festivity! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!!! We would like to extend our sincere cinematic thanks to Brooklyn Ewing for inviting us to be a part of something so sublimely kickass!!!

Horror Film Fests and the Wild Wild Wes!!! - 04.10.18

On behalf of the cast and crew, we at Mad Ones Films are excited and delighted to announce that Killing Giggles is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2018 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival!!! Not only that, but Crimson Screen will mark the official world premiere of the feature-length screenplay for KILL GIGGLES, which is a finalist in the script competition. We are absolutely thrilled to be presenting both the proof-of-concept for our future tale of terror AND it's screenplay at one of our favourite horror film festivals around, and ecstatic about screening in the Comedy Shorts Block at 11:45 on Saturday, May 26th!! Don't miss some bloody brilliant bits of movie magic from around the world, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch Nightmare on Elm Street 2 with its non-dead leading man, Mark Patton!! On behalf of the cast and crew we are grateful to Tommy, Robby and everyone at Crimson Screen for letting us return to play once again! So remember kids, all the world loves a clown... no one ever said it had to be alive!

Last week Jaysen Buterin had the distinct honour and pleasure of being a guest on The Wild Wild Wes Show, where he sat down with the energetic and enigmatic man himself, Mr. Wes Eller, to wax ecstatic about all things cinematic, and even sneak some taco talk in there too. So dig on the digital goodness of Episode 5 and be sure to check out their YouTube channel too... we promise it'll be worth your while! #TheWildWildWesShow #MadOnesFilms #KillGiggles

Brand New Buttons and a Long-Lost ZSA!!! - 04.05.18

Brand new Kill Giggles buttons are for sale here!!!Want to kill clowns but you don't want to get your hands or your clothes dirty, per se?!? Now YOU can support the makers of KILL GIGGLES by sporting this brand new stylish button everywhere you go. Perfect for jean jackets or any other keen fashion choice, make sure you head on over to the Mad Ones Films Store and get one, or six, before they're all gone!!!

And so it was while dusting off the shelves in the Mad Ones Films video vaults when we were redesigning our web site that we "rediscovered" this previously forgotten gem from the "Zombie Service Announcement" Series (or ZSAs). Created back when the Mad Ones were still whiskey wet behind the ears in 2008, it was thanks to the machinima-making machinations of Ken Randall that this entry in the ZSAs even exists, and answers the age-old question of "What Would Video Game Jesus Do" when it comes to being trapped in a zombie movie. So dig it like a grave kids, it might just save your life on this Throwback Thursday.

Welcome to a Brand New MadOnesFilms.com!!! - 04.04.18

Why yes, we have indeed been VERY lazy AND naughty monkeys!!!

Don't say it... we know, we know... "WHERE THE HOT PINK HELL HAVE ALL THE UPDATES BEEN?!?" Well, we assure you, true believers we have - indeed - been busy little batshite crazy bees! Not only are we in the midst of ). But with the Killing Giggles proof-of-concept short film hitting the festival circuit, not to mention the fundraising and pre-production madness that goes into making the feature-film version, KILL GIGGLES, we've been a wee bit distracted. However that is NO excuse not to spend some time with our favourite movie maniacs and film fanatics and so after much deliberation and caffeination, we have a brand new web site for all the cinematic craziness you have come to know and love in us... and so if you will bear with us while we get used to our new digital digs, we wil be throwing a whole mess of movie madness and magic at you soon!!!

In the meantime, we are NOW seeking investors to help us shuffle loose as many clowns from this mortal coil as we can... that's right true believers, we want YOU to invest in KILL GIGGLES! So please sneak a peek at our brand new video below!