The Devil's Tramping Ground

The Devil's Tramping Ground (2007)



For over 300 years The Devil's Tramping Ground has haunted inhabitants of North Carolina, a strange patch of naked ground in the middle of the woods, a forty-foot circle where nothing will ever grow; and anything or anyone that sets foot inside of it will never be the same. So when a struggling rock & roll band would do anything to become famously infamous, just how far would they be willing to go to get it?

Cassady languishes in the dull reality of the workaday world, as he longs for the bright lights of the big time. As a founding member of the hardest working band in town, The Pre-Madonnas, Cassady believes that he and his friends are on the verge of something great. But while their songs and performances have gained new life as of late, the audience at their shows has been lackluster and the pay, non-existent. The Pre-Madonnas trudge on, pursuing one last rock and roll dream in a town that doesn’t notice or seem to care.

But all that changes one night on an old haunted patch of land in the pine barrens of North Carolina when the band finds their place in the annals of rock and roll history to be altogether different than what they bargained for...


Mad Notes:

The Devil's Tramping Ground (or DTG as it's affectionately known) will always remain a labour of love for the Mad Ones. Still getting our cinematic feet wet, but realising we had to do something to top Z-Day, we were lucky enough to land the immensely creative talents of Will Huneycutt and Ken Randall who helped bring this Faustian/Hitchcockian rock & roll thriller to life!

From the world premiere screening at The Garage to the various screenings in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and other sites across North Carolina, The Devil's Tramping Ground was the manic match that lit the Dantean fire under creative director Jaysen Buterin to take Mad Ones Films to the next level... one full of the living dead, the dancing girls & even a certain hot pink messiah... oh my!


The Extended Trailer



  Kindal Blattner-Buterin
  Cassady's Wife
  Jaysen Buterin
  Jessie Derusha
  Debbie Everheart
  Club Owner
  Martin Henderson
  Andy Kahn
  Chris Micca
  Frank J. Pendleton
  Raul Fernandez
  Jennie Prince
  Newscaster #1
  Ken Randall
  Newscaster #2
  Sarah Rose
  Will Shuford
  Crazy Ralph
  AND J. Evan Wade as
  "The Prince of Pandemonium"

  Written by
  Jaysen Buterin
  Directed by
  Will Huneycutt
  Assistant Director
  Jennie Prince
  Produced by
  Jaysen Buterin & J. Evan Wade
  Director of Photography
  Ken Randall
  Will Huneycutt & Ken Randall
  Boom Operaters
  Scott Estowski & Will Huneycutt
  Asst. Boom Operaters
  Peter Coker, Neal Goode, Tyler Hand & Jaysen Buterin
  Original Score by
  Scott Estowski & Will Huneycutt
  Make-up/Visual FX
  I.F. Studios