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Mad Ones Films is an award-winning straight jacket-tested, doctor-approved independent filmmaking company located deep in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina. The “Mad Ones” specialise in character-focused, dialogue-driven genre-juggling films including everything from Faustian rock & roll thrillers and supernatural noir comedies to Grindhouse gospels and thrilling chilling tales of terror.

The Mad Ones spent four years working on the award-winning mesmerizing theorizing tantalizing thrill ride of a short film trilogy, "The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus." This innovative project by writer/director/mastermind Jaysen Buterin was a four-year labour of love that was initially released as three separate short films allowing viewers to literally watch the movie as it was being made. This multiple award-winning set of sinful stories is a “Twilight Zone meets Tarantino”/Shakespearean spaghetti western that will serenade your brain and ride off into the sunset with your heart.

After the HPJ Trilogy was complete, the Mad Ones released the black & white on-the-road killer thriller, “Between Hell and a Hard Place,” “Don’t Let the Light In,” a sinister short twist on the babysitter club, and “The Corner,” a terrifying tale that reminds us that home is truly where the horror is. In 2017 the Mad Ones shot a proof-of-concept called "Killing Giggles," that they used to raise awareness and funds for the feature that would follow.

MAD ONES FILMS has been hard at work for the last three years working on their first feature-length film, the coulrophobia-courting clown killer thriller, "Kill Giggles." Taking a timeless terror trope and turning it on its rainbow-wig covered head, "Kill Giggles" tells the tale of a serial killer OF clowns, as opposed to the madmen, murderers and monsters who just dress up like them. The cameras, and the clown heads, rolled last summer... so STAY TUNED for a 2020 release!!!

As the inmates running the cinematic asylum have proven time and time again, the “Mad Ones” have a proclivity for the profound and the profane, and a love for the salacious and the shadows that lurk in the minds and souls of sinners and saints alike.

The Inmates

Ever wonder what it looks like when the inmates run the cinematic asylum? Meet our Crazies and come find out!

Jaysen P. Buterin
Founder/Creative Director

Writer. Director. Actor. Musician. Drummer. Model. Artist. Canvas. Columnist. Proudest Papa EVER. AND Creative Director of the straight jacket-tested/doctor-approved Mad Ones Films, from Greensboro NC.

Director of Photography

"I have deep appreciation for the craft and continue to be just as enthusiastic and impassioned as I was when I shot my first film on 16mm a long, long time ago." - Jesse

Founder/Craft Services Queen

One of the original Mad Ones founders, Jennie has been monumental and instrumental both in front of, and behind, the camera for Mad Ones Films.

Producer/Financial Advisor

From producing films and film festivals, to appearing in both, John has had his hands in all sorts of movie magic. "Cinema is the passionate art of storytelling. I'm a passionate guy." - John

Producer/Gear Guru

Photography, Videography, Film. Having fun with it all until the man or alleged mistresses shut us down.

Gaffer/Grip Commander





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