War of the Living Dead

War of the Living Dead (2008)



In the not-too-distant future the superpower once known as the United States of America has fallen into complete disarray. America, after becoming a worldwide villain due to the use of their own weapons to cause mass destruction, has collapsed into financial, political, and social ruin. The country has been reorganised into "colonies," with each "colony" having a corporate power to answer to instead of a monarch.

In the aftermath of a second "Civil War" the few remaining liveable parts of the country overflow with people. As more pockets of colonial citizens are shepherded into their new crowded homes a biochemical accident changes an elite fighting force into an army of all new undead creatures, led by one Gregor Sams, who wants to mold the world in his new image.

His former commander, Captain Nick Adimas, is guiding a group of scared survivors to their new sanctuary when his unit is attacked by Sams - who now relishes the chance to destroy Adimas. Both men now lead soldiers thru a life & death game of cat & mouse. The race to the heart of Megiddo - the very source of the undead scourge - is on as good and evil both race towards the inevitable, and apocalyptic, conclusion!

When there's no more room in hell, the dead shall declare war on the Earth!!!


Mad Notes

War of the Living Dead (also known as "War of the Dead") was a most interesting project for Mad Ones Films, in that it wasn't really a MOF film and never really got off the ground (or got back up over and over again to stick within the zombie ouevre). Jaysen wrote a 90+ page script which didn't necessarily reinvent the zombie genre, but certainly breathed new life into it with a "Mad" new twist/angle on the same-old brain-eating story.

However, just before production was scheduled to begin, hearts were broken by the gods of film and the project never saw the light of day. The script, however, still gnaws away at the back of Jaysen's brain and will dig its way onto the big screen somehow, someway, some day! However, should a production company be looking for an action-packed script with razor-sharp wit and emotionally-driven characters, please contact Jaysen Buterin!


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