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The Music Used in the Films of Mad Ones Films

There's no denying that rock & roll, which some have called "the devil's music" but which we call a gift from the gods, plays a significant role in Mad Ones Films. From the fast-paced livewire screenplays of Jaysen Buterin to the provocative soundtrack underlying each and every Mad Ones film - music (and by music we mean 'rock & roll') is the glue that binds all of our projects together. We've gathered the information below for anyone who may be curious about any of the music you've heard in a MOF film.

The MalamondosMad Ones Films filler For the past six years The Malamondos have made their mark on the headboard of Psycho-A-Go-Go rock-n-roll with their seductive vocals, tremolo-verbed twang-n-growl and tightly-thunderous back-beats. With influences ranging from Link Wray, The Rolling Stones and The Sonics to Russ Meyer and The Muppets, it should come as no surprise that The Malamondos have crafted such a unique and instantly intoxicating sound. Spreading the words and rhythms of a darker and more provocative world of sex, lies, and audiotape, The Malamondos have shown the masses that live music and good times are indeed alive and well.


Little Mascara Mad Ones Films filler Little Mascara is a band that embraces the true spirit of rock & roll. Their music is the kind that makes you want to ditch school, take mom's car, and hit the road with your crazy friends. It's viciously horny and unabashedly unapologetic. Toaster's hammering drums, Melissa's throbbing bass, Max's thundering cowbell, and Chris' grinding power chords form a relentless rhythmic foundation for lead singer Jessie Derusha's infectious, sex-kitten melodies. Little Mascara is a garage rock band that takes their cue from late '70s and early '80s punk and new wave. With wicked, raunchy, and comical "in-your-face" lyrics, Little Mascara takes their influences and rolls them up into one hell of a rock & roll burrito.


easybakeMad Ones Films filler "Out front is Lauren, Our Lady of Perpetual Indulgence, she is also as comfortable behind a drum kit as she will be on top of your girlfriend. Somewhere on guitar is Arturo (a.k.a. Dick Bigelow). He plays nothing but "Reverends" and does so with very little "reverence". "Vengence is mine," sayeth the Lloyd. Neal, Mr. Nice Guy sure enough, but he made it through "Ranger" don't push your luck. BB winters in the Keys, but spends his summers lurking in the bushes for fun and profit."


easybakeMad Ones Films filler Some bands play songs. Some bands make music. Burnt Bridges crafts a crazy sonic cocktail of hard-hitting rock & roll, jam band bravado, and roots-rock rabble rousing all with an ass-kicking aftertaste of sharp-witted political punk! Burnt Bridges is the soundtrack for everyone from well-functioning stoners to angelheaded hipsters and silver-tongued devils!


Mad Ones Films filler
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