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About the Mad Ones in Mad Ones Films

Mad Ones Films - straight jacket tested... doctor approved Zombies... or love story? Undead forever after... or happily ever after? Since the dawn of time this quixotic quandary has plagued mankind. And so during one weekend in 2006 a ragtag group of cinematic survivors found themselves stuck in that very same predicament. "Can't we just do both?" they asked, and so they did and it was that last-minute genius juxtaposition that propelled the Mad Ones to the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project finish line with "Z-Day" in hand

MAD ONES FILMS is a straight jacket-tested, doctor-approved independent filmmaking company located deep in the heart of the Devil's Triad, well... technically the Piedmont Triad, and more specifically, Greensboro, North Carolina... but c'mon, which one sounds cooler?

MAD ONES FILMS specialises in character-focused, dialogue-driven genre-juggling films. Everything from Faustian rock & roll thrillers to supernatural noir, surreal and dark comedies to Zombie Service Announcements, and now, a Grindhouse gospel. As the inmates running the cinematic asylum have proven time and time again, the "Mad Ones" have a fondness for the cynical, a proclivity for the profound and the profane, and a love for the salacious and the shadows that lurk in the minds and souls of sinners and saints alike.

Mad Ones Films Creative Director - Jaysen Buterin - Photography by Bonnie Austin Stanley, The Intimate Lens As Creative Director, Buterin's silver-tongued sharp-witted scripts range from the hilarious dark comedy running amok in "Z-Day" and the "Zombie Service Announcement" Series, to the underground cult hit thriller and real life regional ghost story, "The Devil's Tramping Ground." "Flipper Stripper Vixens at the Inferno A-Go-Go!!!" is a gritty flashback to the Grindhouse days, while heads were rolling in early 2010 with "The Decapitator," an award-winning bloody homage to the slasher horror goodness of the early 1980s.

Since 2010, the Mad Ones have been working on bringing their latest project of biblical badass proportions to the big screen. That's right saints and sinners and second chance beginners, the multiple-award-winning mesmerising theorizing tantalizing thrill ride of a short film trilogy, "The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus." A bombastic and fantastic Shakespearean spaghetti western, the HPJ TRILOGY is a set of sinful stories that will serenade your brain and ride off into the sunset with your heart, and is also NOW AVAILABLE on DVD for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!.

This innovative project by writer/director/mastermind Jaysen Buterin is a four-year labour of love that was initially released as three separate short films allowing viewers to literally watch the movie as it was being made. With the completion of "Act II - A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves," the full feature-length version of the HPJ TRILOGY is now saving the cinematic souls of saints and sinners at film festivals worldwide, and has just been released on DVD. Coming up next, Buterin and the Mad Ones will embark on the first of many mad feature-length adventures, after a brief stop by a campfire to tell one hell of a ghost story. Hallelujah.


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